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How does a Cutting Edge Innertainment show work?
Cutting Edge Innertainment strikes like a double-edged sword
                                                            with the TWO components
                                                             that ALL events NEED:

                             ENTERTAINMENT with an EDGE,
                                                             a PROGRAM with a POINT!


1. On first glance, it's SHARP and FLASHY Cutting Edge ENTERTAINMENT
      that grabs your audience's attention
      and puts them on the EDGE of their seats!
2. On a deeper level, it's a PENETRATING MESSAGE  
     that  CUTS to the POINT,
     PIERCES to the HEART,
     STICKS in the MIND,
     and leaves a LASTING IMPRESSION 
  It's  Cutting Edge INNERtainment
                 that gets them
OUT of their seats!



  Presenting the most dangerous and bizarre feats with wit, charm and style,
   Dan's show not only engages and educates the mind,
   but pierces deep 
into the hearts of the audience
   to create the most personal and profound experience they will NEVER FORGET!


  In Dan's show, Dan triggers audience reactions
   that trigger the flow of certain DRUGS in people! 
  When Dan describes the DANGERS of sword swallowing,
   it often triggers the flow of CORTISOL in audiences - that "Oh, NO!" feeling!

  When Dan breaks the tension with COMEDY and LAUGHTER,
   it releases DOPAMINE in audiences - a feeling of "Whew! Relief!"

  When Dan sets GOALS in attempting superhuman feats and finally ACHIEVES them,
   it releases DOPAMINE in audience - a feeling of "YES! He DID it!"

  When Dan tells his story of his childhood fears and then goes on to DO the IMPOSSIBLE,
   it creates a bond and builds an emotional empathy and sense of rooting for the underdog
   that releases SEROTONIN and OXYTOCIN in audiences. 

  And the excitement of Dan's show triggers a flow of ADRENALINE, and physical changes
  that can include rapid  breathing, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms and tears in audiences!  

So YES, Dan does create chemical and physical reactions in audiences that they NEVER FORGET and that you won't find in other run-of-the-mill forms of entertainment!
  Call him a sword swallower.
                   Call him an extreme performer.  
                                                 Call him an inspirational speaker.  


                   Ripley's Believe It or Not  calls him
                                                  "...the WORLD's TOP Sword Swallower!"

                                                    If he's good enough for them,
                                                                  why not book him for  YOUR NEXT EVENT?

​                                   ENTERTAINMENT with an EDGE,
                                              a PROGRAM with a POINT!​

ENTERTAINING minds for the moment


Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
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