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Ready to take YOUR EVENT to the NEXT LEVEL?

Statistics show that after 24 hours we retain only

   20% of what we hear,
   50% of what we SEE,

 but over 75% of what we  EXPERIENCE!  

Cutting Edge Innertainment  delivers an interactive  EXPERIENCE!
   Extreme ENTERTAINMENT with an EDGE to keep your audience captivated for the moment,
   a PROGRAM with a POINT, an engaging EXPERIENCE with IMPACT that lasts a LIFETIME!

After experiencing Dan's show, audiences often rave on about 

how their lives are impacted in profound ways they NEVER FORGET!

With a Cutting Edge Innertainment program, not only does your message
become more memorable, but significantly more interesting,
one that will be talked about for years to come.  
Messages are retained and ideas implemented. 

Dan Meyer is a successful performer, an engaging entertainer, and a compelling speaker.

No matter what type of venue or event, Dan custom designs each show to be
ntertaining, powerful, interactive, empowering and uplifting. 

   Cutting Edge Innertainment 

       ENTERTAINING  minds for the moment,

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