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Looking for something FRESH, UNIQUE, DIFFERENT  for your fair?

You've tried bands, jugglers, magicians, hypnotists...  

Now you're looking for something FRESH, FUN, FLASHY and EDGY,
CLEAN, wholesome, FUNNY and FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY,
audience participation where YOUR audience is CENTER STAGE,
an act with 


​       GET the very BEST!   A CUT ABOVE  the REST! ​


40x World Champion Sword Swallower

Dan Meyer

- Flashy cutting edge comedy  ENTERTAINMENT 

    to grab your audience's attention

    and keep them on the EDGE of their seats

- A penetrating PROGRAM with profound impact 

    to get them OUT of their seats,

    a moving EXPERIENCE  they will NEVER FORGET!​

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Eid Al-Adha Festival, Doha, Qatar

Apogee Festival, BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Quark BITS Pilani Goa, Goa, India

Vetenskaps Festivalen, Göteborg, Sweden

Festival Della Scienza, Genoa, Italy 

Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham, England
Forskningens Døgn Festival, Denmark

Beakerhead Science Festival, Calgary Alberta Canada

CityFest Hyderabad, Secunderabad India

Tak River Festival, Tak, Thailand

Wankulukuku Festival, Kampala Uganda

Alaska State Fair, Palmer AK
Kenai Peninsula State Fair, Ninilchik AK

Tennessee State Fair, Nashville TN
Wilson County Fair, Lebanon TN

East Texas State Fair, Tyler TX

Western Idaho State Fair, Boise ID
Eastern Idaho State Fair, Blackfoot ID
North Idaho State Fair, Coeur d'Alene ID
Wyoming State Fair, Douglas WY
Teton County Fair, Jackson Hole WY
Wyoming Big Show, Rock Springs WY
Lincoln County Fair, Afton WY
Sweetwater Fair, Rock Springs WY

Central Oregon Deschutes County Fair, Redmond OR
Great Jones County Fair, Monticello IA
North Iowa Fair, Mason City IA
Dupage County Fair, Wheaton IL
McLean County Fair, Bloomington IL
Delaware County Fair, Muncie IN
Coconino County Fair, Flagstaff AZ
La Paz County Fair, Parker AZ
Northern Gila County Fair, Payson AZ

Tulare County Fair, Tulare CA
Rock of Ages Festival, Napa Valley CA
Illumination Festival, Red Bluff CA
Critical Mass Festival, Portage WI

Coconut Festival, Cape Coral FL

Cadiz Ham Festival, Cadiz KY

Fort Wayne Buskerfest, Ft. Wayne IN

Buskers Brews & BBQ, Aurora CO
Jest Fest, Gainesville, FL

First Friday Festival, Lakeland, FL

Pendleton Fall Festival, Pendleton IN 

Cable Fall Fest, Cable WI
Bloomington Garlic Festival, Bloomington IN

Ribfest, Brockville Ontario Canada
Buskers Brews & Barbeques Ribfest, Aurora CO

​Extreme Tour, Nashville TN

Freedom Experience, Texarkana, TX
Freedom Experience, Hattiesburg, MS
Bike Week Festival, Myrtle Beach, SC

Cross n' Dagger Biker Festival, Ft. Wayne IN

Christian Jugglers Assoc Festival, Goshen IN

Matchbox Ignition, Oconomowoc, WI

Real Beard Santa Claus Festival, Tampa, FL
Steampunk Expo, Oklahoma City, OK

Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Oktoberfest, Nashville, TN

Oktoberfest, Flagstaff, AZ

Oktoberfest, Germantown, TN

Oktoberfest, Ocala, FL

Oktoberfest, Tampa, FL
Oktoberfest, Tempe, AZ

Oktoberfest, Tierra Verde, FL

Leif Ericson Viking Fest, Tampa, FL

Viking Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Viking Festival, Trelleborg, Sweden
American Village 4th of July Festival, Montevallo, AL

Mississinewa War of 1812 Rendezvous, Marion IN

Green River Rendezvous, Pinedale WY
Smoking Waters Rendezvous, W Yellowstone MT
Alpine Mountain Man Days, Alpine WY
Tennessee Renaissance Festival, TN
Renaissance Festival, AL
Clayshire Medieval Faire, Bowling Green, IN

     ...and YOUR FAIR or FESTIVAL!

If he's good enough for THEM,
Why not have Dan at

Proud member of IAFE
International Association of Fairs and Expositions
Come see us at the Wow Attractions booth at IAFE!

Proud member of RMAF
Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs


Proud member of TAFE
Texas Association of Fairs and Events


Proud member of  AFA
Arizona Fairs Association


Proud member of WAF
Wyoming Association of Fairs



 For unique Oktoberfest Entertainment



Go for the BEST!

   a CUT ABOVE the REST!


We’ve been Board Members with Great Jones County Fair for years... 

That was the BEST show we've EVER SEEN at the fair!"

 -Richard & Sandy Pfab, Great Jones County Fair, Monticello, IA

"Dan's show was so POWERFUL 
 that he had my wife Sunny in TEARS! 
-Billy Wodrich, Sponsor, Great Jones County Fair, Monticello IA

“That was the BEST show I’ve EVER SEEN!
My family has been coming to DuPage County Fair for over 4 generations,
and we’ve seen a LOT of shows here, but NOTHING like this!
That was the BEST show we’ve EVER had here!
And your message was even BETTER!
Thanks for coming and sharing your story!”
 -Grandma Gee, DuPage County Fair, Wheaton IL

“I just had to come tell you...
I’ve watched your show 12 times in a row now...
You really touched my heart.
and your words made me cry;
I realized I needed to find my PURPOSE and CALLING.
Thank you for coming to DuPage County Fair!”
-Michelle, DuPage County Fair, Wheaton IL

I’ve never seen anything like this before!
I could hardly believe it!”
 -Elias, DuPage County Fair, Wheaton IL

“I’ve been coming to this fair for over 20 years...
That was the BEST show I’ve EVER SEEN here!
The sword swallowing was AWESOME,
but it was your inspiring message at the end
that really impressed me most!
-Terry Birsa, McLean County Fair, Bloomington, ILL


“You really have a SPECIAL GIFT,
and I’m not talking about the swords.
The sword swallowing was INCREDIBLE!
But there’s something about you that’s really different that shines through,
and it’s a SPECIAL GIFT of CONNECTING with the audience
That’s your real SUPERPOWER!
And that's what impressed me the MOST!
Keep doing what you do!”
-Weston, McLean County Fair, Bloomington, IL

"That was the BEST SHOW  I have EVER SEEN!
It was a show I will NEVER FORGET!
It was so good, I just had to COME BACK to see it again and again!
- Mila, audience member, Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID


   -Charles Schactly, Delaware County Fair, Muncie, IN

"Dan was a wonderful addition to Alaska State Fair 2018,
headlining the full 12-day event.
Every show was PACKED 
and people made REPEAT VISITS to see his show!

Dan engaged the crowds with the right mix of HUMOR, TENSION and SKILL, and I saw a recurring theme in the many positive comments we received like this one...

"I thought Dan's show was just about doing a dangerous act
but realized that the real message was about ENCOURAGING each person
to face their own fears and anxieties
and find the strength and faith to rise above them!"

Dan's cheerful OPTIMISM was CONTAGIOUS
and left people SMILING as they walked away.
If you want to add an extremely POSITIVE, UPLIFTING and INSPIRING element to your event,  Dan Meyer is your guy! 
Plus he was super easy to work with,
always a plus from the perspective of a manager!"

  - Suzy Crosby, Entertainment Director, Alaska State Fair

“You were AMAZING! 
I love how you brought out your own personal childhood experiences
to let others know THEY can be ANYTHING they want to be! 
You definitely left a HUGE IMPRESSION  on me and my family!” 
 - Melanie Anderson, Alaska State Fair, Palmer AK

“I  LOVED your SHOW! 
I was a nonbeliever  until the very end. 
But the ending was the BEST part! 
It was REALLY POWERFUL and made me CRY!
Thank you for coming to the Alaska State Fair!”
 - Carry, Alaska State Fair, Palmer, AK

“You made me SQUIRM...
because I’ve seen everything... I’m a cop!
But you had me SQUIRMING!
I covered my eyes and couldn’t watch!
I was ready to crawl under the bleachers...
But it was GREAT!
  - Rayne, Alaska State Fair, Palmer AK

“We were SO AMAZED  by your talent,
and truly believe you do these amazing feats! 
So much appreciate your giving your testimony. 
You are AMAZING! Keep up your testimony!”
  - Bonnie Dunn, Alaska State Fair, Palmer AK

"Thanks for your positive professionalism at Eid al-Adha Festival in Qatar!
A big thanks for all the swords you swallowed
and all the thrills you gave us!

Your sword swallowing raised this festival to a  HIGHER LEVEL!
It was AMAZING!"
  -Jo Pauly, Entertainment Director, Eid al-Adha Festival, Doha, Qatar


"Dan Meyer truly entertains the audience!

He has great rapport with the audience

He makes them laugh, and delivers a thrilling and intense show.

He leaves them wanting more... which he DELIVERS! 

It shows on his face that he's enjoying the performance

just as much as the audience! 

and he puts on a UNIQUE SHOW with GREAT FLAIR!"
 -Johnny Curry, Entertainment Director, American Village, Montevallo, AL

"At first I thought it was going to be fake, 

but then when you swallowed real swords,
I couldn't believe they were really real,
and I was just FLABBERGASTED in a state of FLUX!

But it was your message that touched me most!
I love the way you told your story of
overcoming fears to do the impossible.  

My grandsons saw your show and it made a huge impact on them too!

Too many kids are bullied these days, and
 -Ron Lopez, Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID

"Dan's sword swallowing was incredible, 
but it was the last two minutes
that hit me the hardest and brought me to tears! 
Thank you for challenging me to do the impossible
and giving me the courage to go on!"

 -Cheyenne, Salt Lake City UT,  Lincoln County Fair, Afton WY

"Dan's performance was just INCREDIBLE,

something NEVER seen at a festival like this before! 

Rather than just swallowing swords,

Dan gave a detailed anatomical description
of what was happening inside him when the sword went down.
This made all the difference to the performance! 
People were on the edge of their seats,
but too gripped to move!

Gasps rippled through the audience;

Hands were clamped to mouths;
Even the scientists in the audience were shocked,

astounded and amazed, and being scientists, intrigued! 

and really made the occasion!

Something none of us will EVER forget!"

 -Elaine Snell, Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham, England

"Of all the festivals, this year's Quark Festival was by far the BEST!

But of all the speakers, Dan Meyer was by far, the one that 

inspired and impacted students  the MOST,

the one they will be talking about for YEARS to come!"

 -Anadi Misra, Organizer, Quark 2014, BITS Pilani Goa, India 


"Your show was like a breath of FRESH AIR, like LIVING WATER...
You did so much MORE than just tricks,

You showed us so much more,
that we can do whatever we set our minds to,
You touched us in a much deeper way than just tricks!

Thanks for sharing your life and risking yours to make ours better!
- Clayne Alan, Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID


"Thanks for coming to the East TX State Fair!
Your show was really inspiring!
I've never really be the one to take on new and difficult tasks,
but you inspired so much movation in me! Thank you!"

    -Brennen Mitchell, East Texas State Fair, Tyler TX


"It was a pleasure to have Dan Meyer at our Critical Mass festival.
His act was truly great right from the start,

and all the way to the end!"
  -Chris Smalley, Director, Critical Mass Festival, Portage, WI 

"One of the BEST experiences of my entire life! 

 Thank you for coming and inspiring us!"

   -Aum Jadhav, Organizer, Quark 2014, BITS Pilani Goa, India 


"Dan is a magical combination of showman 

 and my favourite science teacher -- 

 and a true professional to work with!"

-Mary Anne Moser, Director Beakerhead Science Arts Festival, Calgary, Alberta


"I came expecting to be bored...
But I was anything BUT bored!
It was the BEST show I've EVER SEEN!"

  -Carole, Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID

"Thanks for inspiring my family today with your show at the East Texas State Fair
So glad we came and got to meet you and talk to today!
My kids and I sure enjoyed it! " 
   -Brad Gilliam, East Texas State Fair, Tyler TX 

"Thanks for a FUN night!  AMAZING!
Our family is STILL talking about it!

Keep up the great work!"
    -Misty Buckingham, East Texas State Fair, Tyler, TX


Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
  a PROGRAM with a POINT!

        ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

Booking Pricing Availability

Now booking 2023 and 2024!

To Book Dan or Check Dates -

Just complete the online booking inquiry with your dates,

or call to discuss your ideas directly. 

We'll be glad to work with you to make your fair or festival

an over-the-top event your guests will NEVER FORGET!

If our dates won't work for 2023, let's schedule it for 2024!

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