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​The Mission

Changing lives, One sword at a time, One life at a time...


"My hope is that I can
challenge others to think beyond the obvious,
stretch beyond their limitations,
dream bigger
than they ever thought possible,
and dare to do the impossible in their lives.

My mission is to
make a positive impact on the youth of today by being REAL,
to inspire them to create a VISION for their lives,
to DREAM BIGGER than they ever thought possible,
to achieve those dreams
and DO the IMPOSSIBLE in their lives!

I eat fire and swallow swords
to inspire others to DO the IMPOSSIBLE in THEIR lives!

to help OTHERS find THEIRS!

What's YOURS?"

    -Dan Meyer, Extreme Sword Swallower
Inspirational / Motivational Speaker

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Entertaining minds for the moment
Impacting LIVES for a LIFETIME!


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