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Lots of folks have said lots of things 

  about Dan Meyer's Cutting Edge Innertainment...

But don't take our  word for it... ​

  Just see for yourself what OTHERS have had to say....


"A rarely seen art done amazingly well!
This is pure skill and he's AMAZING!
Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!"

- Audience member

"I could barely breathe while watching him!
My heart was throbbing so hard,
it felt like I was going to have a heart attack,

but he was SO entertaining,

I couldn't help but watch!"
 - Audience member

"Watching it made me jump out of my seat!

 That was freakin' intense!"

"I never really liked sword swallowers

because I thought it was boring.
But this guy,... Wow!... Breathtaking!

Sir, you have my full attention!"

 - Audience member

"I gotta tell you, this guy is AMAZING!
Fire, swords, ice picks, man, he does it ALL!
While he was on stage, I was on the edge of my seat!  Love him and his act!"
- Audience member

"...Left me with my mouth hanging wide open!
After watching Dan, I lost all control of my bottom jaw!  I couldn't close my mouth for the next 10 minutes!"

 - Audience member

"I couldn't stop staring!  I wanted to look away,
but I just couldn't stop watching! 


 - Student, Youth Encounter, Springfield, IL

"While the swords were in Meyer's throat, 

the spectator's hearts were in theirs!"
 -Nashville OnePaper


"Shocking, jaw-dropping and informative!
 Like a cross between comedy and magic,
 but it was ALL REAL and ALL AMAZING!"
-Wellcome Trust Foundation, London, England



"A cut above the rest!"

  -British Medical Journal

"You've obviously spent years mastering sword swallowing,

 and it absolutely AMAZES me!

  -Sharon Osbourne, NBC's America's Got Talent

"We LOVE your act... It's thoroughly entertaining!
 You are obviously the BEST IN THE WORLD at what you do!"

   -Piers Morgan, NBC's America's Got Talent

"...the live audience was breathless!"

  -America's Got Talent Examiner

"Oh, my GOD! 
 That was AMAZING!"

  -Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

"Your amazing skill ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY!"

 -Beth Troutman, Right This Minute



"As President of the Sword Swallowers Association,

 Dan Meyer is not only the world's leading expert, 
 but he's a World Champion Sword Swallower,
 the TOP in the WORLD and the MASTER in the field!"

  -Bob Masterson, President, Ripley's Believe It or Not!

"Most artists don't perform extreme feats on America's Got Talent,
 most are not in Ripley's Believe It or Not or hold multiple Guinness World Records,
 most don't swallow swords underwater in a tank of sharks and stingrays,
 and most have not received the Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard!
 ...But Dan Meyer is  NOT  your average artist!"

  -Tim O'Brien, VP Ripley's Believe It or Not!


"Dan Meyer is a real Superhuman, a true Man of Steel
 who exerts extreme control over his body."
-Stan Lee, Stan Lee's Superhumans, History Channel

"Wow!  That was AMAZING... and SCARY!

 BEST show I've seen in a LONG time!"
  -Elvira, TV Horror Hostess

"Wow! He really DOES have talent!"

 -Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live

"This is incredible!... AMAZING!"

 -Danny Glover, actor, Lethal Weapon


"Oh, my God!  This is unbelievable...
 ...This is INCREDIBLE!"

 -Dana Jacobson, ESPN First Take


"I've seen a lot of incredible things in my life,

but I've NEVER seen anything like THIS before!"
-Pat, Cameraman, Oprah Winfrey Show

"That was the most fantastic show I've ever seen! 

 It was AWESOME!"

-Suzanne Holmes, VP Documentary Channel

“I was shocked and excited when I finally witnessed it...

 Hearing about it is one thing,
 but actually seeing it is quite another!

  -James Davis, Producer, The Learning Channel

"It was Incredible!  FANTASTIC!
 Something scientists don't normally get to experience!
 It really made the festival one we will NEVER FORGET!"

  -Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham UK


 Brilliantly done, Absolutely delightful!"
  -Newcastle Centre for Life, UK

"Dan Meyer is a true professional

 and a perfect entertainer with an amazing personality.

 We highly recommend Dan for any project any time!"
  -Tina Lundh-Larsen, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Copenhagen Denmark


"I am just FREAKED OUT!

 Wow! ...I am crawling out of my skin right now...  
 My palms are sweating... I've gotta tell you,

 Absolutely one of the MOST AMAZING guests we've EVER had!"
-Rick Journey, Good Day Alabama, Fox News, Birmingham, AL

"When Dan put the sword in his mouth,

 you could hear the audience hold their breath;

 when it dropped down his throat,

 you could hear a collective gasp...
 But when he flung it into the air,

 the entire audience erupted in applause!
-Jacob Weiss, Producer, Juggleville, Nashville, TN

"Dan, you risk your life to convey your message,

 and the impact is powerful.
 I've seen the impact your message and performance has on audiences.
 It's a combination of both the swords and your words.
 Never underestimate your message...
 THAT is where the tears were coming from

 in the people who were impacted.
 The amazement was from the swords;
 the tears were from the message;
 the impact was the result of both."

  -Lisa Kubacak, Author

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

If he's good enough for THEM

Why not book Dan for YOUR next event?

Entertaining minds for the moment


Go for the BEST!

   a CUT ABOVE the REST!

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