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Tired of dull boring Medical presentations?

Events don't have to be dull and boring...

...where ancient art  meets  modern science!

Spice up your next Medical event with a 
penetrating  program!

Ig Nobel Prize Winner

Science Speaker / Medical Lecturer
Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
Looking for a  program that's FRESH, UNIQUE, and DIFFERENT,

educational, yet entertaining, a CUTTING-EDGE program your audience has never seen before, one they will NEVER FORGET?


One of the most interesting programs you'll ever present -
Perfect edutainment for YOUR  next  medical program or event!

"Sharp as a scalpel!"
"Never a dull moment!"


Ever since Dr. Adolf Kussmaul developed the first rigid endoscope on a sword swallower in 1868, sword swallowers have been poked, prodded, and studied by doctors and scientists in the name of medicine -- in the development of endoscopes, bronchialscopes, electrocardiograms, x-rays, fluoroscopes, study of swallowing disorders, digestion, and more!


Now YOU can too!

Ig Nobel Prize Winner
Science Speaker / Medical Lecturer

International TEDx Speaker
Sword Swallower Dan Meyer


Winner of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard University for historical medical research on sword swallowing injuries published in the British Medical Journal, Science Speaker and Medical Lecturer SWORD SWALLOWER DAN MEYER presents Cutting Edge INNERtainment - a combination of unique educational science programs and cutting edge entertainment that's head-spinning, jaw-dropping, thought-provoking, mind-blowing, and loaded with interactive audience participation where YOUR guests are center stage!  


Fresh, unique and cutting edge for adults, yet wholesome and FUN for the whole family - A show your audience will NEVER FORGET!

"...Like a cross between comedy and magic,
except it's ALL REAL and ALL AMAZING!"

 -Wellcome Trust Foundation Museum, London

"We LOVE your act... You're thoroughly entertaining!
You are obviously the BEST in the WORLD

at what you do..."
    -Piers Morgan, NBC's America's Got Talent

and the TOP sword swallower in the WORLD!"

    -Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Through his unique blend of incredible feats and comedy, science speaker Dan Meyer will keep your audience entertained and on the edge of their seats with a program they will NEVER FORGET!

One of last of the few professional sword swallowers left in the world today, a multiple Guinness World Record holding sword swallower and Ripley's Believe It or Not best known for swallowing swords UNDERWATER in a tank of sharks and stingrays, unique Medical Speaker Dan Meyer is in constant demand for his world-class shows and programs around the world.

President of the Sword Swallowers Association Intl and winner of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard, Dan is recognized as the world's leading expert in the 4000 year old field of sword swallowing.

Dan's educational, informational, and motivational shows can be customized for science museums, science festivals, medical associations, health care events, colleges, universities, medical schools, festivals, exhibit openings, lectures, TV programs, documentaries, youth events, and other events around the world.

Cutting Edge INNERtainment

Science and Swords
Science on the Cutting Edge

You flip on the TV.   Sure, you've seen them before, but there's something about press conferences you find irresistible.  The throng of eager reporters, the normally reclusive scientist and medical technicians clad in impeccably pressed pure white lab coats, exhibiting an air of exuberance befitting their first public sighting in five years.  You're not sure what's up, but you can tell it's going to be big!

​Pan right.

An intruder. A middle-aged man smiles mischievously. He steps into the light. Though professional, the man's solid black outfit stands out in stark contrast to the scientific environment of sterile white.

He draws a 3-foot sword from its scabbard, tilts back his head, and plunges the length of the blade down his throat.

The scientists erupt in wild applause.

Science and swords may seem an odd pair. But without the contributions of sword swallowers, we may not have some of today's most critical diagnostic tools. Sword swallowers rigorously train themselves to ignore the body's natural gag reflex, making them the perfect test subjects.

                    --Dan Meyer/Tim Anderson, Medical Migrant

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Stan Lee's Superhumans 
Watch Dan swallow 7 swords at once while being fluoroscoped by doctors at  Vanderbilt Medical Center Radiology Dept in Nashville​​

Just a few places where Dan has presented

Discovery Health Channel

Discovery Science Channel

CNN Health with Sanjay Gupta

The Learning Channel

ABC Medical News
British Medical Journal
AAAS Science Convention, Chicago
Wellcome Trust Foundation, London
Harvard University, MIT, Cambridge
Oxford University, Oxford
Cambridge University, England
Imperial College, England
Portsmouth University, England
University of Dundee, Scotland
Centre for Life Museum, England
Aarhus University, Denmark
Syddansk Universitet, Odense, Denmark
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands

Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville

Marshfield Medical Clinic, Marshfield, WI
Stallworth Medical Center, Nashville, TN
Southern Hills Medical Center, Nashville, TN
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucester, England
Ospedale Umberto Policlinico Hospital, Rome, Italy
Fritz Wenzel Conference, Marshfield, WI
Health Camp Nashville

Charity Care, Nashville

What others have said...



"A cut above the rest!"
  -British Medical Journal



"Shocking, jaw-dropping and informative!
Like a cross between comedy and magic,
but it was ALL REAL and ALL AMAZING!"

  -Wellcome Trust Foundation, London, England


"FANTASTIC performance!

You really got the hospital talking!

Even oesophageal surgeons find it difficult to stomach!"
 - Dr. Mark Vipond, Oesophageal Surgeon,

 Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucester, UK

"Dan is an outstanding entertainer -
He presented 
brilliantly using humour and education,

and clearly demonstrated the anatomy

of the oesophagus and pharynx with tact

in a way that captivated and entranced the audience.
A BRILLIANT performance,

essential for all oesophageal surgeons and physicans to see!
Amazing, funny, educational, ...and unforgettable!"

- Dr. Hugh Barr, Oesophageal Surgeon,
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucester, UK

"As I watched and listened, something remarkable happened:

I was enthralled!

Meyer had certainly done his research,

his paper was well-written, 

and fit the mold of every academic paper I’ve read over the years.
This man is a GREAT communicator!
President of the Sword Swallower’s Association International,
he’s also indisputably the MASTER of sword swallowing."

  -Scott Merrick, HealthCamp Nashville

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Go for the BEST!

   a CUT ABOVE the REST!


Please complete the online booking inquiry with your budget range,

or call to discuss your ideas - We'll be glad to brainstorm with you 

to put together an over-the-top event within your budget range.

   a PROGRAM with a POINT!

        ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

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