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 You’ve got an event to host, an audience to IMPACT.

 You want a TALK that's entertaining, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing,
 head-spinning, thought-provoking, heart-stirring, life-changing,
an inspiring story with a profound  IDEA WORTH SPREADING...

 You want a SPEAKER who's fresh, uniqueengaging, compelling,
 inspiring, down-to-earth, yet entertaining and cutting edge...


        TEDx SPEAKER

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
TEDx Speaker Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
TEDx Speaker Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

Photo by Simon Pugh (

Cutting through Fear | TEDxMaastricht 

The sleeper TED Talk with over 1.5 MILLION views!

With NO description and NO keywords, this talk has been shared and
seen over
1.5 MiILLION times and translated into 70+ languages 
as the
#8 Top Most Translated TED Talk out of 200,000 TED talks in the world!
Watch the audience's response to see why!


"This needs to be mandatory for EVERYONE to watch!"
    - Bhupinder Singh, TEDxMaastricht audience member

"Thanks for inspiring me and the rest of the world!
You have inspired me to
fight my fear,

and no one can stop me!"
-Jayson Bazar, TEDx Maastricht viewer

Photo by Simon Pugh (

Photo by Simon Pugh (

"What a WONDERFUL talk!  

By the end I was in TEARS! 

Truly beautiful to hear people who have overcome adversity in their lives

only to triumph and share their inspiring story with others! 

Thank you for your encouragement, Dan!
I'm believing and dreaming again"

 -TEDxMaastricht audience member

    ​  "Shocking, jaw-dropping and informative!
     Like a cross between comedy and magic,
     but it was ALL REAL and ALL AMAZING!"

            -Wellcome Trust Foundation, London England


            "Dan dared... We stared!"

            -Audience member, O'Reilly Ignite Talks, Detroit Regionals

"As Dan was speaking, the crowd was at the same time
 laughing, crying, 
and blown away by his story!

The audience replied with a STANDING OVATION!
A HOME RUN for our 

-Jan Scheele, Organizer, TEDx Maastricht Netherlands


"One of the most intriguing personal stories I've heard in a long time, 

    -Audience member, TEDx Maastricht Netherlands

     "This speaker actually BLEW ME AWAY!  

      I never expected he would have such an IMPACT on me!"

             -Bryan Allen Smith III, TEDx Maastricht Netherlands

"What an AMAZING story: the Impossible is NOT Impossible,

a message that I don't need to give up my dreams!"
-Audience member, TEDx Maastricht Netherlands

"Dan Meyer: GREAT story, GREAT performance!
Simply AWESOME!"

-Audience member,TEDxMaastricht Netherlands

"Dan Meyer is one of the most AMAZING speakers
and performers I have ever worked with! 
He has a fantastic story and valuable lessons to share with this world. 
It was an honor to have Dan on the
TEDxYerevan stage.
Dan is a very humble, and at the same time, a very talented person.
He is a great speaker and breath-taking performer

As a TEDx speaker, Dan is a great candidate for any TEDx event
that is looking for speakers to deliver an entertaining, inspiring,
jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and life-changing talk! 

Dan's TEDxYerevan talk was so moving,
that our
TEDxYerevan audience gave him THREE standing ovations!
I highly recommend Dan as a speaker for any
TEDx event
or any other event around the world!"

-Kristine Sargsyan, TEDxYerevan Armenia Organizer Curator 


"The excitement level in the hall went as high
as the sword Dan ejected from his throat!  INCREDIBLE!"

-Audience member, TEDx Maastricht Netherlands

"The first time I saw someone swallow a sword was on the TEDx BrainTrain
from Amsterdam to Maastricht.  It was Dan Meyer who told us the story of his life.
That story was so authentic and touching 

that I did not even expect any sword act at all. 
In a way it was no act.

Swallowing the sword was just proof of his honest engagement and willpower.
Everyone in that train was moved by his story

The next day, the ENTIRE TEDx Maastricht audience was moved by his story
and responded by giving him a  STANDING OVATION!

    -Jean-Paul Toonen, Organizer, TEDxBrainTrain  Amsterdam-Maastricht Netherlands


"I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU
for your
TED talk at TEDx Huntsville
As someone who was forced to overcome his fear of public speaking,
I really related. You have motivated me to write down my Thromes,
and now I'm on a mission to achieve them, and do my own
TEDx talk!  Thanks!"
-Joe Martin, TEDx Huntsville speaker


"Dan, you were AMAZING! 

You have already contributed to a positive change in my life. Thank you! 

Please keep sharing your story with the world!"

 -Marine Ekizlaryan, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"You were AMAZING!... Funny and wonderful once again,

 what an incredible person!
This was even better than your TEDx Maastricht talk!"

 -Madlene Minassian Ispirian, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Thanks for a very inspirational talk at TEDxYerevan!

I will remember this day for MANY years to come! Thanks again!"

 -Arpine Aghjoyan, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Thank you for your amazing TEDx talk at TEDxYerevan

It was very important to me, and really made me think over many things in my life; 

you made me think broader, to dare to do the impossible in my life. 

Thank you for inspiring me to do the impossible!"

 -Asya Ayvazyan, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Thank you for sharing your story, your vulnerability, 

and doing what you did up there.

It was really inspirational and really moving 

to see somebody open themselves up like that.


 -Aramazt Kalaygian, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Your talk took me on an incredible journey for 18 minutes!

I was shaking, but it was a good adrenalin rush! 

You really moved me.
Thank you for sharing your journey!"

 -Ani Mouradian, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"I am really amazed at the way you found the balance

between being CRAZY and SCIENCE!

That's really CRAZY!  I've never seen anything like that before!"

 -Arman, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"When you were talking, I got emotional several times 

because your talk was so strong - 

and tears were rolling down my face the entire time.

Thank you for sharing your incredible story."

 -Ani Baboomian, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Dan, Thank you so so much for your inspirational talk 

and even more amazing and inspirational life story!  

Being brave enough to embrace life is a wonderful thing

you have reminded all of us!"

 -Anna Manukyan, TEDxYerevan Armenia


"Thank you, Dan Meyer! You are such an INSPIRATION!
I related to everything you said. I loved your story...
especially your gratitude to those boys who bullied you. - BEAUTIFUL! 
Thank you for sharing your life with us!" 

-Mary Rophael, TEDxMaastricht Netherlands



"That was AWESOME!
You just MADE MY YEAR!
You made my fears feel not so huge after all!
Thanks for inspiring us to DO the IMPOSSIBLE!

-Ridley Reynolds, TEDxUSFSP St. Petersburg, FL


Special thank you, Dan.  You have been such a help and calm spirit through this process,
not just for me, but for the rest of our TEDx speakers as well.
When I first started working with you as a speaker for the first TEDx two years ago, 
I had no idea you would be so influential to myself and our speakers years later.
Thank you for giving your time and patience to this event.
When people give up their time I believe it shows a lot of their character
and the type of person they are.  
 We are truly grateful.
-CJ Vila, Organizer, TEDxUSFSP, St. Petersburg, FL




​Ever want to DO the IMPOSSIBLE?  

Learn how one man overcame his fears to DO the IMPOSSIBLE ...and how YOU can too!

               The Impossible is NOT Impossible!

A common man's story of his uncommon journey from coward to courageous, extreme fear to extreme feats, wimp to world record holder, failure to the flnals of America's Got Talent, loser to winner of the Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard.

40x World Champion Sword Swallower Dan Meyer reveals hidden insights into the secrets of the ancient art and science of sword swallowing and his quest to overcome failure to do the impossible in his life.  

Meyer reveals how he tackled extreme fears to do extreme feats, climb to the top of the highest mountain in Sweden, swallow swords underwater in a tank of sharks, make it to the Finals of America's Got Talent, and win the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine ...and he reveals insights on how YOU can do the IMPOSSIBLE in YOUR life!

Dan's inspiring talk combines information and education on the art, science, history and physiology of sword swallowing, thought-provoking insights on the challenges, motivation and perseverance required to overcome fears and do the impossible, and how to apply the secrets of doing the impossible in YOUR life, and includes head-spinning, jaw-dropping, and mind-blowing feats that will have your audience talking for months!  

     Heart-touching moments,
       Head-spinning feats,
         Eye-catching entertainment,
           Death-defying acts,
             Side-splitting humor,
               Mind-blowing insights,
                Thought-provoking challenges,
                  Jaw-dropping reactions,
                    Soul-stirring moments,
                       Unexpected paradigm shifts,
                         a Heart-moving message, and
                           a Life-changing EXPERIENCE of a LIFETIME!

Presenting the most dangerous and bizarre feats with wit, charm and style, Dan not only engages and educates the mind, but pierces deep into the hearts of the audience to create the most personal and profound type of experience.  

     Call him a sword swallower 
          Call him an inspirational speaker 
                Call him an extreme performer...  
                     Ripley's Believe It or Not calls him
"...the WORLD'S TOP sword swallower!"​


Available options:

   •  The Theme can be customized to enhance YOUR message or theme.

   •  Media interviews  - before the date to help promote your event

   •  Posters and images  - to help promote your event
   •  Interactive Question-and-Answer period  - to generate more audience participation
   •  Meet-n-Greet - after the event to sign autographs, and take photos with your guests


With over 25 years entertaining, speaking, and inspiring millions in over 35 countries around the world, Dan can present a profound talk to impact your audience and create a memorable one-of-a-kind event your audience will NEVER FORGET!


​Just a few of the events where Dan has presented: 

    TEDx Maastricht, Netherlands

    TEDx BrainTrain, Amsterdam, Amstel, Utrecht, Netherlands

    TEDx Yerevan, Armenia
   TEDx Accra, Ghana, Africa   
    TEDx Huntsville, Alabama
TEDxTampaRiverwalk, Tampa, Florida
    TEDx USFSP, St. Petersburg, Florida
   PINC.11 Zeist Netherlands

    PINC.15 Sarasota FL

    O'Reilly Media Ignite Talks, Cincinnati, Detroit

    DIVOSA Netherlands

    Wellcome Trust Foundation, London

    Ig Nobel World Lecture Tours, UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, India

    World Peace Conference
    Harvard University Cambridge

    MIT Knight Science Fellows, Cambridge
 MIT Langer Labs, Cambridge

    BITS Pilani Apogee, Pilani India
    BITS Pilani Quark, Goa India

    Denver Art Museum, Denver

    Bruce Museum Greenwich
    Marshfield Medical Center, Marshfield Wisconsin

    Beakerhead Science and Arts Festival, Calgary Alberta Canada 
    GTN Network, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

    S-One Holdings Convergance, Sarasota FL

    YOUR TEDx, Ignite, Ig Nobel, PINC, Ink, Science or Corporate event?​





   a PROGRAM with a POINT!

                 ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

"Part Education, Part Entertainment,
  Part Motivational, ALL INCREDIBLE!"

PINC.11 Netherlands,  PINC.15 Sarasota 

TED-type talk delivered to leading European Business Leaders

Entertaining MINDS for the MOMENT


Complete the online booking inquiry with your ideas, theme and date, 
or call to discuss your ideas - We'll be glad to check dates and brainstorm with you to put together an over-the-top talk on YOUR theme within your budget range.​

Marshfield Medical Center, WI
"I decided to FOLLOW my DREAMS and DO the IMPOSSIBLE

and it's taken me to over 40 countries and counting...
Now I've found my
purpose and calling:

To help other find THEIRS  

to inspire them to DO the IMPOSSIBLE in THEIR LIVES!"
-Dan Meyer, Sword Swallower / Global TEDx Speaker 

PINC.15 Sarasota 

TEDxYerevan Armenia

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