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Looking for a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT Christian Speaker 
to minister at
YOUR next Christian event? 

Why not try something DIFFERENT and CUTTING EDGE? Why not go for the BEST, a CUT ABOVE the REST!   

to keep your audience on the EDGE of their seats,
to get them OUT of their seats!
The most UNIQUE way to minister to youth and adults alike!
Helping YOU fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION in a FUN and UNIQUE way!

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer
   a PROGRAM with a POINT!

        ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

   Youth Events
   Men's Events
   Single's and Couples Events
   Spring and Fall Festivals
   New Year's Eve Events
   Outreach Events
   Young Life
   5th Quarter
   Lifetree Cafe
   See You At the Pole
   School Assemblies
   Back-to-School Events
   Christian College and Youth Events
   Upward Unlimited Awards Celebrations
   Christian Music Festivals and Tours
   City-Wide Festivals and Outreach Events
   National and Regional Denominational Events
What others have said...


"The show was great, but the presentation of the Gospel was EVEN BETTER!
That was the BEST presentation of the Gospel we've EVER had
in our church - concise and to the point!
Actually, it was the BEST presentation of the Gospel I have ever seen
in over 25 years of ministry!"
-Dr. Bill Hurt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, AL

"What an AMAZING show!
Dan kept us on the edge of our seats swallowing swords,
and then captivated our audience with his Gospel presentation.
I have never seen a group of 400 kids go from that level of excitement
to hanging on every word the way they did with Dan.
They're already begging for him to come back next year!
Highly recommend him!"
-Josh Johnson, Youth Director, First Baptist Church, Weaver, AL


"This year we had the privilege of having Dan Meyer on our stage.
Tremendous artist, tremendous performer... Love the man's heart...

It's fun to watch the audience as Dan draws them in...

Not sure what they're getting, he toys with them a bit...

But as they begin to see his talent and ability with swords,
It's fun to watch the cringing, it's fun to watch the gasping,
It's fun to watch the EYES WIDE OPEN as he performs...
...He was a GREAT element to have at our event...

If you're looking for the "same old same old" for your next event,
Dan Meyer is not your man.

But if you're looking for something

you NEED to have Dan there!

If he's booked, you need to CHANGE YOUR DATE,

because he's a GREAT ARTIST!"
 -Grant Medford, Director YEC Youth Encounter

President, Illinois State Baptist Assoc Student Family Ministries

"To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of this type of program;
My wife stayed home, but I came to show support for my church. 
But I was BLOWN AWAY by Dan's presentation and his clarity in sharing the Gospel! 
I later told my wife that she missed a really GREAT evangelist!"
 -Fred, Church leader, Celebration Baptist, Tallahassee, FL

Dan Meyer's feats were PHENOMENAL
and his message was POWERFUL!"
-Jeremy Rader, Student Minister, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

"My life is forever changed because of Dan Meyer tonight
who trusted me with his life and opened my mind to new things.
I knew there was a God, but I had lots of questions.
Now, I don't question anymore."
-Megan Pittcock, Extreme Tour, Abundant Life Church, Indianapolis, IN​

"In 8 years of doing 5th Quarter events,
we have NEVER had a speaker that has
held the students' attention for more than 10 minutes...
But you kept their attention for a full 45 minutes,
and your presentation was the BEST we have EVER had!"
-Steve Perkins, Director, 5th Quarter, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

"Dan – You were AWESOME!
Thanks for all you did,
and for impacting the lives
of the 41 children who responded! 

Keep on!"
-Joe Perry, Director Prestonwood Sports Outreach, Prestonwood Baptist, Plano, TX

"I knew there was a God, but that was about it.
You got me over the hump, and I dedicated my life to the Lord today.
Thanks for helping me make the decision."
-Chris West, Biker, Cross & Dagger, LifeBridge Church, Ft. Wayne, IN

"What a blessed day we had with Dan Meyer!
Cross 'n Dagger was a real GOD day!
Many of our old friends were there who had told us the past two years,
'No way are you ever gonna get us even on a church parking lot!'
But many lives were touched and changed forever because they surrendered to Jesus.
Out of 2500 bikers who came, 97 became new Christians plus 13 recommitments!
Thank you for being faithful to Jesus as you shared the Gospel, 
And thank you for putting your life on the line with high-risk feats to share Jesus!"
-Lana Fritz, Just Tell Them Ministries, Huntertown, IN

"I can't say enough good things about Dan Meyer!
Dan's performance was engaging and unbelievable.
His message was inspiring and life-changing.
It was more than we expected,
and our students are still talking about it!
Very easy to work with, super nice guy,
and an amazing heart for ministry!
The kids are already asking to have Dan come back again,
and we definitely plan to have him back again next year!
-Jordan Hanger, Outreach Director, Thomas Road Baptist, Lynchburg, VA

"A nonstop action packed show that had me staring in unbelief.
Dan's engaging show left me and others
hanging on every word he had to say afterwords!"
-Chad Jerrett, 5th Quarter, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

"When Dan started speaking, the kids got totally quiet and really paid attention!
It was exciting, different, intense, and the most memorable show I've ever seen!"
-Brandy Tarno, Smiths Station Baptist Church, Smiths Station, AL

"Even though I couldn't watch much,
it was the COOLEST thing I've ever seen!"
-Allana Dorsett, Student, 5th Quarter, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

"I was one decision away from becoming an atheist. 
I had no reason to believe God was real or that his word could change my life. 
After Dan's message, I gave my heart to Christ
He helped me see that God's word is real and powerful enough to change everything. 
Thank you for having Dan Meyer... it changed my life."
  -Jennifer, student, Wichita, KS

"I'm no longer a skeptic!

-Jacob Nave, First Baptist Church, Decatur, AL

"That made a bigger impact on me
than anything else in my entire life!
-Blake, Impact, David Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN

"Dan Meyer's show was INCREDIBLE! 
His performance and ability is so unique,

it allows him to captivate his audience for the entire performance. 
The best part is that Dan brought a wonderfully unique message using comparisons to the Sword of the Spirit that set up a tremendous response from our students. 

The Word was powerful and effective!
We had 104 decisions for Christ, including 53 first-time salvations! 

I recommend Dan Meyer without reservation to anyone looking for

something new, fresh, unique and captivating. 
Dan is the REAL DEAL!  
His performance, as well as behind-the-scenes character was impeccable." 
  -Devin Leichner, Pastor, Oneighty, The Ark, Maize, KS

"Dan Meyer is an amazing man who will shock and woo you with his feats,

and then take you to a very real conclusion.
Our Youth Director had gotten ahold of Dan because he is a great man of God and has an amazing word of God upon his life.  It was AMAZING!  

The way Dan explained about God and the Sword Of The Spirit touched the soul, 
no matter where you are in your walk,
whether you are a new Christian or if you were in the walk for a while.
We had 53 new salvations and over 100 re-dedications!
After the show was over, all we could say was 'WOW!'
Dan uses his amazing skills, talents and the blessings on his life
to put blessings on your life!
I highly recommend Dan to any group, church or youth group!"
-Alex Meeks, Staff, Oneighty, Maize, KS

"You rocked at The Rock at New Year's Aid!
I went in thinking it couldn't be done,
but came out knowing it was REAL and God was REAL!
You were by far the BEST PART of the whole New Year's Aid!"
-Nikki Veronica McGrath, New Year's Aid, McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA

"Your show REALLY affected me,
Made my heart beat fast,
almost made me wanna cry.
It really affected me like no other program has ever done before!"
-Brittani Trumble, Freedom Experience, Texarkana, TX

"Thank you SO much for being at YEC Oklahoma.
What you did was absolutely AMAZING,
and it had everybody speechless!

-Carissa Salsman, YEC Oklahoma Baptist General Convention, Ok City, OK

"Thank you for sharing your talents as God's tools with us!
It was the most incredible sound hearing all those voices
asking Christ into their hearts!
-Heather Adams Cortez, First Baptist Church, Weaver, AL

"Every aspect of Dan's show was AMAZING!
Had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end!
But it was Dan's message and how he tied the gospel in that was absolutely incredible.
Dan's interaction with the audience afterwards added a very personal touch.
The line for autographs and pictures was the longest of any entertainer we've ever had,
and Dan was willing to take pictures, sign autographs, and speak with every kid in line.
Dan has a unique story that needs to be shared with others."
-Jason Sikes, Recreation Minister, Salem Baptist Church, McDonough, GA

"What a great guy! 
Dan has a wonderful testimony and heart for God
His gift from God is AMAZING,
and the way he ties it into his testimony is AWESOME! 
We were blessed!"
-Melinda Davis, Central Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA

"Wonderful time tonight with Dan Meyer!
His heart for the Gospel surpasses his human feats and
his ability to keep the crowd of kids and adults engaged was great!
His message, testimony and skills are unique
and he was easy to work with!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dan for any church, program, event

for any all ages!  FIVE STARS!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Pastor Jeff Stashmus, First Baptist Church, Fairfield TX

"Dan Meyer's talent is truly unique and amazing,
only to be matched by the incredible heart of his message!
These two components combine to make Dan
'a cut above' everyone else in Christian entertainment!"
-Curt Hale, Youth Pastor, Pinelake Church, Madison, MS

"Dan Meyer is one of the most unique performers I've ever seen!
Dan has developed a way of sharing the Gospel
through his unique presentation that gets everyone's attention!
When hearing his heart for reaching the lost,
we just had to bring him on onboard Cruise With a Cause.
He did a GREAT JOB and we plan to have him back again! 
I'm just glad this is not the talent that God gave me!"
-Dr. Matthew Dunaway, President, PraiseFest Ministries

"I appreciate what you do,
not just the sword swallowing,
but what you do for God,
the way you tell it plain and simple with humility,
and how you give Him the glory."
-Jeff Lail, First Baptist Church, New Lebanon, Ohio

"Dan really holds the audience's attention
We were amazed, shocked and inspired all at the same time! 
This was a show that families will be talking about years from now! 
Dan is a super great guy with contagious enthusiasm! 
We HIGHLY recommend him!"
-DeAnna McNeill, Friendship Church, Athens, AL

"That was a show the kids will NEVER forget,
and neither will the adults!  It was WONDERFUL!
My heart was beating so fast... It was AMAZING!"
-Terry Lee, First Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

"What you do is INCREDIBLE!"
-Aaron Crabb, Artist, The Crabb Family

"You were AWESOME!"

-Jeremy Camp, Christian Artist


"WOW! What an amazing show!

Dan's personality is audience friendly.
His unique entertainment is exciting, breath-taking, and exhilarating
Combine it with his sharp wit and Christian message,

and who could ask for any thing more? 
It was a show I will NEVER FORGET!"

   -Mark Gilbertson, Asst. Dir. of Admissions, Waldorf College, Forest City, IA

"Dan gave an outstanding show...

It was the best attended and most entertaining event
we have EVER had on campus! 

I speak for the entire audience when I say

Dan is an entertainer unlike any other...
He's an expert at playing off people’s emotions.
I loved the humor interjected with the death-defying feats;
One minute we were laughing,
and the next we were screaming our heads off!
We were never bored.  This is the sign of a true entertainer.
The actual sword swallowing itself was beyond riveting! 

The entire performance was extremely professional and entertaining.
And I loved the inspirational message at the end that drove it all home.
I whole-heartedly recommend Dan's show for audiences of any age.
It's a good, clean, entertaining show that will keep people talking for weeks!
Dan is one class act and we plan to have him back again!"
-Rita Gilbertson, Director of Alumni Relations, Waldorf College, Forest City, IA


"It's not often my jaw drops,

but I found myself picking it up off the floor on more than one occasion tonight!

I've been going through some changes the past year,

but you really inspired me to find my calling and live life to the fullest!

-Theron Hayden, Crosspoint Community Church, Oconomowoc, WI




"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
he does not shy away from the sword."

-Job 39:22

"The sword that reaches him has no effect,
nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin."

-Job 41:26

"What goes into the mouth,
goes into the stomach,
but what comes out of the mouth,
comes from the heart"

-Matthew 15:17-18

"...and out of His mouth came
a sharp double-edged sword"

-Revelations 1:16

"For the Word of God is living and active
and SHARPER than any two-edged sword...
piercing deeper than the division of
joints and marrow, soul and spirit,
able to judge the thoughts
and intentions of the heart."

-Hebrews 4:12

"He who lives by the sword,
dies by the sword."

-Matthew 26:52

"As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another."

-Proverbs 27:19

"Sharp words pierce like a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing."

-Proverbs 12:18

"With God NOTHING is impossible!"
-Luke 1:37

"I can do ALL things
through Christ who strengthens me!"

-Philippians 4:13

YEC Youth Conference with Christian Artist Britt Nicole, 
Olahoma Baptist Convention

A few Christian events where Dan has performed:

CityFest Hyderabad, Secunderabad, India

Rock of Ages Festival, Napa Valley, CA
Illumination Festival, Red Bluff, CA
​Extreme Tour, Nashville, TN

Marana Laughs Clean Comedy, Marana AZ
Vail Laughs Clean Comedy Show, Tucson, AZ

Freedom Experience, Texarkana, TX
Freedom Experience, Hattiesburg, MS
Cross n' Dagger Biker Festival, Ft. Wayne IN

Christian Jugglers Assoc Festival, Goshen IN

Matchbox Ignition, Oconomowoc, WI

Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX
Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA

Church @ The Springs, Ocala, FL
Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL
The Bridge Church, Bradenton, FL

Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, GA

Grace Family Church, Tampa, FL

Union Chapel, Muncie, IN
Belmont Church, Nashville, TN
Sonrise Church, Portland, OR

Northwest Bible Church, Dallas, TX
Parkway Baptist Church, Moseley VA
First Church DeMotte, Wheatfield IN
Southside Church, Chesterfield VA
Celebration Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL

The Ark Oneighty, Maize, KS
The Bridge Church, Bradenton, FL
The Place Church, Wickenburg, AZ

The River Church, Holly, MI

The Crux, Roseville, MN

The Pursuit, Boise ID

Gulfside Church, Cape Coral, FL

LifeTree Cafe, Valparaiso, IN
LifeBridge Church, Ft. Wayne, IN
Crosspoint Community Church, Oconomowoc, WI
Crosswater Community Church, Ponte Vedrra, FL

Memorial Baptist Church, New Haven, MO
The Assembly, Broken Arrow, OK
Evangelical Free Church, Chico, CA
Bible Fellowship Church, Newark, DE
Grace Covenant Church, Chantilly, VA
First Baptist Church, Madill, OK

St. Paul's Lutheran, Saratoga Springs, NY
Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, GA

Hope Community Church, Cable, WI
Pinelake Church, Madison, MS
Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton, VA

Old Town Hill Baptist Churcn, Muncie, IN
First Andrews Presbyterian, Decatur, AL
First Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach, SC
Abundant Life Fellowship, Indianapolis, IN
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

First Baptist Church, Fairfield, TX
First Baptist Church, Decatur, AL
Fairview Church of God, Falkville, AL
Lakeside Baptist Church, Newport, MI

Faith Community Church, Huntington, IN
First Baptist Church, Weaver, AL

Central Christian Church, St. Petersburg, FL

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, MS
Faith Fellowship, Winfield, AL

First Baptist Church, Willis, TX

Family Life Fellowship, Moberly, MO

College Park Church, Huntington, IN
Jacob's Well Hilltop Equest Center, W Alexandria, OH
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
Salem Baptist Church, McDonough, GA
First Baptist Church, Rainsville, AL
Central Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA
Keswick Christian School, St. Petersburg, FL
Smiths Station Baptist Church, Smiths Station, AL

North Webster UMC, North Webster, IN
First Baptist Church, Scottsboro, AL
Friendship Baptist Church, Owasso, OK

Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Grandview, IN

Briggs Road Baptist Church, Columbus, OH
First Freewill Baptist Church, Russellville, AL
New Song Family Church, Decatur, AL
First Baptist Church, New Lebanon, OH
Friendship United Methodist Church, Athens, AL
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, GA
Asbury UMC, Madison, AL

First Baptist Church, Paris, TX
First Baptist Church, McKenzie, TN
Trinity Baptist, Trinity, AL
First Baptist Church, Union, MS
World Harvest Church, Hartselle, AL
Archer's Chapel UMC, Frog Jump, TN
Shady Grove Baptist Church, Neel, AL

Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Stamping Ground, KY

Trinity Lutheran Church, Tyler TX

St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Kokomo, IN

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Syracuse, NY
Chapel on the Hill Church, Nassau, Bahamas
Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland
Our Church, Secunderabad, India
Argon Lutheran Church, Thiruvanamalai, India
First Centenary Baptist Church, Secunderabad, India
Glory Cathedral Anglican Church, Chennai, India

New Life Assembly of God Church, Hyderabad, India

Millennium Methodist Church, Secunderabad, India

Isai Mandali Gyaneshwor Church, Kathmandu, Nepal

If he's good enough for THEM,
Why not have Dan at
Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

   a PROGRAM with a POINT!

        ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

Entertaining minds for the moment


Extreme sword swallowing  is  Dan's unique platform.


But make no mistake: Jesus Christ is center-stage in Dan's life,
his message, and ministry in partnering with YOU to help YOU
spread the Gospel in YOUR area! 


We're here to serve YOU and YOUR church, YOUR youth, YOUR event,
to help YOU fulfill the great comission in a FUN and UNIQUE way.  
Let us know what we can do to serve you!



To Book Dan or Check Dates:

Just complete the online booking inquiry with your dates, ideas, and
budget range, and we'll do our best to work within your time-frame and budget.


If you have any questions at all about having Dan for your event, contact us as SOON as possible to discuss your ideas and options, as certain dates book up quickly. 


We'll do our best to work within your time-frame to put together an
over-the-top event within your budget range, or recommend someone
else who can.

Go for the BEST!

   a CUT ABOVE the REST!

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