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Tired of the same old cliche dull boring entertainment at your casino?

Looking for a world class cutting edge entertainer


Spice up your next casino with a PENETRATING program
your audience will NEVER FORGET!


When events of all types are looking for something flashy and unique,

     they turn to Cutting Edge Innertainment.

They know that in addition to being edgy, outrageous and funny, the interactive nature of Dan's shows brings teams together and helps unite co-workers through laughter.

Dan creates unique shared experiences while placing YOUR guests CENTER STAGE! 

Delight your audience with an edgy, yet fun, upbeat and uplifting family comedy show.  



Dan's Cutting Edge show combines clean world-class comedy entertainment with mind-blowing feats that will have your audience talking for weeks!

The show is interactive and loaded with audience participation by 

literally placing YOUR guests center stage.

The program can be customized to enhance YOUR message or theme.

And the "outrageous" factor can be adjusted to suit your audience or event.

A Cutting Edge show fits virtually any venue, and is great for
•  Employee Recognition Awards, Training Seminars, Workshops,

   Corporate Retreats, and Achievement Performance Events
•  Trade Shows - Bring in Dan to attract big crowds and hundreds of qualified leads
•  Keynote/Motivational Message - Overcome Limitations / Do the Impossible!

     We can customize the program to enhance YOUR MESSAGE or THEME.


•  Stage Show - Flashy Vegas or Cirque style stage show 
    A typical stage show can range from 5 minutes to an hour, and can include:

   •  Fire-eating - to grab your audience's attention!
   •  Comedy Human Blockhead – to get them squirming and laughing
   •  Comedy Sword Swallowing - to "prove" it's just a trick
   •  Real Sword Swallowing - swallowing hedge clippers, razors, and

      a variety of swords to prove the impossible IS possible!
   •  Audience Participation - loaded with interactive audience participation

      so  YOUR guests shine as the star of the show!
   •  Message - Educational, informational, and/or uplifting motivational message​

      to inspire your audience to do the impossible in THEIR lives!

   •  Mind-blowing finale - to end on a high note!

Other Finale options:

   •  Multiple sword swallowing finale

   •  Glowing Light Saber swallowing finale
   •  Water Bucket Lift while Sword swallowing finale
   •  Whip Removal finale - YOUR host removes the sword from Dan's throat
      from 10 feet away using only a WHIP!
   •  CAR PULL by swallowed swords finale as seen on America's Got Talent!

Other available options:

   •  Media interviews  - before the date to help promote your event

   •  Posters and images  - to help promote your event
   •  Interactive Question-and-Answer period  - to answer audience questions
   •  Meet-n-Greet - after the event to sign autographs, and take photos with your guests


With over 25 years speaking, entertaining and impacting over 750 million people

in over 40 countries around the world, Dan knows how to impact audiences

and create a memorable one-of-a-kind event your guests will NEVER FORGET!



Just a few of the many corporate clients and casinos Dan has entertained: 

    Mirage Casino Las Vegas
otorCity Casino Detroit

    Twin Pine Casino Napa Valley
    Hewlett Packard  
    O'Reilly Media Ignite

    Nissan,  Toyota,  Saturn,  Honda

    Disney World Orlando 
    Ripley Entertainment 

    Gaylord Entertainment Nashville

    World Peace Conference
    Compassion International
    Rotary International 

    Wellcome Trust Foundation London  

    CMT Country Music Television
​    Chipotle Foods
    Edward Don Foodservice  
    Answer Foods
    Boresha Coffee
    S-One Holdings  
    IPro Network, Costa Mesa, CA  
    Global Tax Network
    Charity Care
    Chicago Field Musuem
    Denver Art Museum

    Saratoga Arts First Night
    Bruce Museum
    Marshfield Medical Center
    TEDx Maastricht Netherlands
    TEDx Yerevan Armenia
    TEDx Accra Ghana Africa

    TEDx Hunstville 
    PINC Netherlands
    PINC Sarasota
    Real Beard Santa Claus International
    Bradenton Convention Center
    and private law firms and corporate events around the world




MINIMUM STAGE REQUIREMENTS:  8’ x 12’ stage area, 10' vertical height.

Want something bigger, more theatrical, still family-friendly, but hip and slightly edgier?  Consider Dan's full theater stage show!



Complete the online booking inquiry or call to discuss your ideas -

We'll be glad to brainstorm with you to put together an over-the-top event 
within your budget range, or recommend someone who can


   a PROGRAM with a POINT!

        ...the PROOF  is what's INSIDE!

Cutting Edge Innertainment Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

"Shocking, jaw-dropping and informative!
Like a cross between comedy and magic,
but it was ALL REAL and ALL AMAZING!"

   -Wellcome Trust Foundation, London, England

The TED Talk that got a STANDING OVATION!
Dan's TED talk was the ONLY one to get a standing ovation at TEDx Maastricht Netherlands, the TOP TED Talk in Europe!​

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