"What Motivates a Sword Swallower?" eBook

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"What MOTIVATES a Sword Swallower? - What Goes Through a Sword Swallower's Mind While Two Feet of Steel Goes Through His Body: 31 Tips on Doing the Impossible in YOUR Life", by Sword Swallower Dan Meyer.

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    In his second book, Sword Swallower Dan Meyer explains some of the motivation behind what prompted him to overcome fears and take on risks and challenges. Conveniently broken down into 31 chapters for daily reflection, Meyer reveals the quotes and motivations that prompted him to overcome fears and take on risks and challenges that you can use to do the impossible in your life. Chapters including "Face Your Fears", "Overcome Obstacles", "Set Goals and Thromes", "Mark Your Target", "Get Sharp, Hone Your Edge". E-Book and companion Audiobook are perfect for daily morning quiet time, walk or daily commute.

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